On being a full-time working family...

On being a full-time working family...

We work hard.  We play hard.  There really isn’t enough time in a day, and I would venture to guess that even an hour was added to each day, it wouldn’t make much difference.

We juggle, balance, adapt, change course, reorganize, multi-task, and manage every day…  When I say we, you are included.  There is no way to live in the world, at least not these days, without having to deal with the unexpected and unplanned on a daily basis. 


What are they and how do I get some?  Okay, now that I have some, how do I keep them?  A question for the ages.  I digress…

The real purpose of this post is to highlight the fact that it really does take a lot of work to build any dream.  When my husband and I started out on this journey, I’m not sure we realized how much work it really was…

My husband is a full time stay-at-home dad.  Now, anyone, man or woman, that has stayed home with 1 or more children knows that this job is the single most difficult job in the world, and of course comes with the stigma that all the stay at home moms know about, multiplied a few times because he’s a dude.   

Now add in a constant stream of business responsibilities, like order processing, product manufacturing, inventory, ordering, people knocking on the door for pick-ups, fielding phone calls, emails, texts, FB messages and responding to me… who sits in an office all day, helpless, coming up with ideas every other minute that I shoot off to him in broken thoughts.  He digests and makes sense of them.  And then plans the execution. 

It’s not easy on either of us but we are a team, and a damn good one, at that.  Our personalities complement each other very well, and our indiviual strengths make up for our individual weaknesses. 

 But we didn’t get here alone, either…and I am thankful everyday that we’ve been so lucky and have so many loyal customers already, who support us and pass on our name. 

So to thank those loyal customers and those of you who have made it this far reading the blog… go claim you 10% off orders of $10 or more using the code BLOG8110  **

Get dirty, my friends. 

We promise we’ll always be there to clean you up. 


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