WTS October 2021 Newsletter


The leaves in upstate NY are already mostly gone, with the rainbow of Fall coming and going before we can even blink.  Its my favorite time of year - my birthday, sweatshirts, soup...three of my favorite things have made their debut. 

Today I made a big batch of chicken soup - far more than we could ever eat in a week.  Leftovers will get canned and saved for a day when we need it - waste not want not...  

It's been a rough 18 months on this planet - that's right, I said it - 18 months - March 13, 2020 was when our lives shut down by this pandemic.  I keep seeming these meme's on Facebook that say "how is it almost 2022, I am still recovering from 2020".  Girl, same.  But things are starting to feel normal - new normal I guess, but way more normal. 

Kids First Day of School

Our family has gone through so much change in such a short time.  We moved away from family and into the mountains, opened a store, the kids started a new school, we moved into a new house.  Nothing to complain about - all good things.  But good things can be challenging too.  Juggling a store is challenge - a good challenge, and we wouldn't have it any other way - but its definitely been a test of our constitution and our schedules.  

 With the store, we are in a position to help other makers like ourselves.  It's not easy being a crafter of things - its not easy to compete with mass-produced goods made my machines.  We are happy with the "maker family" that we created, and we know that the folks that come to visit us in the store know that what we sell is made by actual people, who really do a little dance every time we sell something.  Our customers share in our values.  That's important to us.  That's why we do what we do.  

As we look to the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the opening of WTS & Company, we are also in the midst of a large expansion - one that doubles the size of both the store and our manufacturing space.  To think that just 5 years ago, we were starting WTS from our tiny galley KITCHEN!   

I promise to you that I will get better at this writing stuff.  I truly thank anyone that is reading this - if you've gotten to this point, you must be a loyal fan. 

In the meantime, get dirty, get clean, and stay safe.  

Peace and love! 





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