Closeout - Stormy Landscape

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In this dramatic soap with deep emotional overtones, threatening storm clouds, pierced by bursts of warm sunlight, fill the land with darkness. The gloom lifts to creamy cleansing lather as water is released upon this all natural bar. In respect to Rembrandt’s attention to the natural elements, this bar is made with earth (kaolin clay), air, fire (activated charcoal) and water (fresh spring). Naturally scented, this soap has the subdued sweet and earthy calm smell of peace, just before the skies open and nature wields her majesty. 

Stormy Landscape is a limited edition bar from our Picassoap Series, a series where we give homage to master artists who often exhibited their freak flag alongside their art. This is soap two, series one - Mansplainting.

About the painting and the artist: With Stormy Landscape, Rembrandt imposes his brilliant Baroque imagination upon nature. The drama of the chiaroscuro does not describe meteorological conditions, but embodies Rembrandt's reaction to the mysterious forces of the sky and the earth. Painted circa 1640, it was a period of mixed emotions for Rembrandt and the beginning of his spiral. A year earlier the building of his 13,000 guilder ($365,000) dream house had been completed in upscale Breestraat (Broadway). The next step was to fill it with kids, but unfortunately, he and his wife Saskia suffered the untimely death of three children (Rumbartus-2 mos, Cornelia-3 weeks and Cornelia-1 mos). Their fourth baby, Titus, lived to adulthood, but Saskia died shortly after his birth. Rembrandt filled the gap of these losses with women (his son’s caretaker and his much younger maid) and by living beyond his means. Rembrandt outlived all of them, but died in 1669, destitute and alone. He was buried in an unmarked grave, which was dug up to make room for the affluent, and his remains were destroyed.

In 2015, a two part painting of his was sold by the Rothschild family to the Dutch and French governments for $180 million.

For a limited time, you can get your own piece of Rembrandt (soap) for .00000004% of that price. 

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