Closeout - The Swamp

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Pooling swirls of greens, browns and cream express our vision of Klimt’s, The Swamp. Adding to its natural integrity and skin loving benefits, the greens are created with all natural spirulena and neem powder, the browns - gently exfoliating cocoa powder and the cream is fortified with deep cleansing kaolin clay. Breathing further life into art, the bar smells of green moss, fresh peaty earth and clean air all wrapped in tendrils of scotch pine. This was Klimt’s getaway spot and now it can be yours. 

This is a limited edition bar from our Picassoap Series, a series where we give homage to master artists who often exhibited their freak flag alongside their art. The Swamp, by Gustav Klimt, is soap #4 of 5 in series one - Mansplainting.

The Swamp was created in 1900 by Gustav Klimt after years of focusing on “near pornographic” paintings. His depictions of nudity, sexual desire, the experience of pregnancy and the realities of life and death were thought to be Klimt’s expression against social constructs and the failure of the establishment to address the political and social issues of the time. Prior to painting The Swamp, Klimt’s commissioned work for the University of Vienna was harshly criticized as too controversial. Frustrated and close to hanging up his brushes, Klimt was inspired to continue by the marsh in Litzlberg, Austria. Klimt continued to push boundaries, and was the founder and first President of the Vienna Secession, a breakout group of artists and free thinkers. Klimt died in 1918, from the influenza pandemic that killed over 100 million people. He fathered at least 14 children and is widely considered one of the top artists ever. In February 2017, Oprah Winfrey reportedly sold a Klimt painting, “Portrait of Adele Block-Bauer II”, for $150 million. 


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