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In 1973, a younger Jacques Polge, the renowned parfumer and future nose of Chanel, designed and released Citronel' de Mosquitoselle - a French styled citronella scented perfume.

Widely applauded by the French fishing community, Jacque's conception was mocked by the neighboring fashionistas and parfumists.

Nearly shunned back to his family bait fish business, Jacques redoubled his efforts and, 28 years later, designed Chanel's wildly popular Coco de Mademoiselle.

With this soap, W.T.S. stands tall upon the shoulders of Jacque and honorably with all of his fishing, beach, and outdoor loving supporters. Rather than repeat his mistake, however, we improve it by pairing citronella essential oil with patchouli and lavender ESSENTIAL OILS. The lavender and patchouli blend creates a nice light and calming scent that you're sure to love and the bugs still hate. In fact, once out of the shower you won't smell the citronella at all unless you, like a mosquito, put your smelling organ right on your skin.

À quoi sert le savon?


Ingredients: Ingredients: Olive Oil, Rice Brand Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential oil,