Hulksmash, Bar.Soap. - What.The.Soap.


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This is a superhero bar of soap*...but, like Hulkie, it's not to be used without some precaution. We love this bar, we really really really do, but it's an exfoliating powerhouse. Amazing as a once or twice per week full body scrub, it's not made for mere mortals to use everyday.


Its power center comes from spirulina and ground apricot seeds. Spirulina adds skin permeable vitamins, proteins and tyrosine. Apricot seeds add moisture, fatty acids, more vitamins, and are wicked good exfoliators. Scent wise, this bar uses Bruce Banner mild tea tree and spearmint essential oils.

Caution: “Hulksmash face!” -Hulk

Translation - Hulksmash will smash your face. Body bar only. 

*Gamma radiation free


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its hulking good properties, this soap is made from coconut oil, olive oil, tallow, canola oil and sweet almond oil.

Personality Profile
- Very helpful in an aggressive sort of way
- Good cleanser
- Good conditioner
- Excellent exfoliation

*Gamma radiation free

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