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Little House Castile

  • $7.00

If you’re like us (see you at the next group therapy session 😆), you have visions of getting away, going off-grid and living like the early settlers did. Let’s be clear, the fantasy has little to do with the land grabs, smallpox and gunslinging of the occupation era. No, it’s really about the satisfaction and security of self sufficiency and sustainability. Seriously. Reaping your own field of golden oats, tending to honey bees, raising livestock, etc. is extremely hard work, but the fulfillment is difficult to surpass.

Made simply with noble ingredients, Little House Castile is made in that spirit. Ground oats gently exfoliate and soothe your skin, whole milk adds a rich creamy quality and honey contributes big lather and skin benefitting nutrients. The soap is made with 100% pure olive oil (we’re not sure where the settlers got the olives 😉), creating the mildest and most moisturizing soap available. The bar is scented naturally - fresh, clean and wholesome.

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