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Pistachio Goat Milk

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Somewhere in the green and gold hills of California there stands a lone pistachio tree. Nourished by fertile rains and hardened by sheer valley winds, its roots hold the hill like the steely grip of a weathered coconut hunter. Beneath the tree, knee deep in pistachio shells, stands a goat. They’re an odd couple, but are inextricably linked. The goat’s worn paths are troughs for the tree to quench its thirst, and its digestibles enrich the soil. The tree is a home, a shelter, a lookout post, sustenance provider and a comfort to the goat. If the goat wasn’t there, the tree would certainly fade away and vice versa, but as it is, both thrive. To some this is called synergy, to me, it’s called friendship, community and life.

The moral of the story: Appreciate those who dig your troughs, even if they shit on you once in awhile.

On that note...our Pistachio Goat Milk soap smells like freshly ground dry roasted pistachios, but IS the definition of synergy.

Made with:

  • Unrefined Shea Butter (among other oils): moisturizing, conditioning and a great promoter of healthy skin
  • Raw goat milk: packed with skin nourishing vitamins and provides an amazing lather
  • Colloidal oatmeal: calming, soothing and gently exfoliating
  • Bentonite clay: firming, purifying and protective

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