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Savon d’Alep, Laurel or Aleppo soap’s history as a natural beauty and medicinal soap is as rich and long as any in the world. Traditionally made from olive and bay laurel oils whose trees grew plentiful along the Mediterranean, it originated from the city of Aleppo, Syria. One of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, over 8,000 years, Aleppo was the final stop on the Silk Road trading route. A highly sought after commodity along the Silk Road, the soap was revered for its gentle curative and natural moisturizing properties.

Still highly esteemed, true Aleppo soap has gotten harder to find due to political instability, the relative high price of bay laurel oil and the market saturation of subpar manufactured soaps. If you do find it, make sure to check the bay laurel oil content as it’s difficult to find soap with more than 5-8%, though it should be above 15%.

Our Savon d’Alep is made using the time honored process with the same all natural ingredients as has been done for centuries. According to that process, we’ve cured each bar for more than 6 months as it hardens and undergoes its final chemical changes. Made with 20% bay laurel oil, this bar is soothing, calming, great for skin sensitivities and issues, a gentle cleanser and ultra moisturizing. Natural, biodegradable and pure in its form (it has no preservatives, chemical additives or fragrances), it is an excellent soap for all ages and skin types. Scented naturally, it has the light sweet earthy smell of bay.


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