Natural Deodorants

Stink Less, Naturally

Neutralize the stink with our new deodorant formula! We all sweat, it's natural, healthy, and was once a love inducing pheromone, but body odor is not a good thing. At the same time, don't belittle our natural tendencies as there are some ingredients in conventional deodorants that we simply don't need.

Our bodies rely on the ability to sweat to regulate temperature, flush out waste, and maintain healthy skin. Conventional antiperspirants and deodorants rely on aluminum-based compounds that plug the sweat glands, resulting in a buildup of concentrated bacteria and sweat. Go natural with this deodorizing and sweat mitigating stick to maintain normal bodily processes as well as your place in odorless society.

Lightly- and Rightly- Scented

  • Coco Cabana - Beachy coconut and lime essential oil.
  • Lavender & Sage - Fresh, herbal, light. Fresh lavender and earthy sage essential oils make for a clean herbal blend.
  • To The Woods - Leather, Vetiver & Cedarwood essential oil - Woodsy, rich, a little musky, clean. Warm wood and leather tones brightened by light grassy notes of vetiver.
  • Creme Citrus - Citrus, Tahitian Vanilla & Lemon essential oil - Clean, bright, herbal citrus paired with deep warming Tahitian vanilla. Sophisticated blend of sweet citrus, crisp lemon and warm vanilla with subtle green notes.