Four Pebbles on a Bench, By Gary Slavin (Hardcover; Signed)

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Author Gary Slavin is from Massapequa Park, Long Island. 

George Price is a retired detective who lives in a quiet, wealthy Long Island community, where the residents jog around the community park to stay in shape. George's instincts are piqued one morning when a beautiful dark-haired woman quickly gets out of her brand-new black Range Rover, picks up four pebbles, places them on the bench in front of her car, and then quickly walks away. However, as she leaves, she is arrested by police for a hit-and-run. According to police, she was high on drugs and hit a child on a bike.

 George's detective talents are sent into overdrive when the local news station reported that an older woman died of a drug overdose. As the picture flashed on the TV screen, George recognized her from the community park. Every morning, she jogged like he did around the park; it didn't make sense that she would take her own life. That's when he reached out to a fellow retired detective, Neil Vincent, to get to the bottom of this.

In trying to figure out who really killed the woman, Neil and George uncover a drug ring, a drug cartel, the MS-13, and the involvement of the Chinese state secret police and a corrupt FBI agent. The story takes you from Long Island to Mexico to Idaho and an amazing flight to the historic Easter Island west of Chile.