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Originally from the Catskills, Tara Drouin is a mom, teacher, musician, and a children's book author. Her passion for writing has always been there in her songwriting. She combined her love for music and teaching in her first book One Heart. It promotes unity, kindness, and acceptance. The song is available for download at iridesense.com. Her second book Red Rock Road is all about family, love, and tradition. The song is available for download in the music section.  http://www.taradrouinauthor.com

Barbara is an illustrator and animator based in the UK. She has a degree in animation and enjoys digital painting. You can see all her work at http://www.artisticsoul.co.uk

Red Rock Road - Red Rock Road is a read and sing-along picture book for beginner readers which is a great medium of learning through rhyme and repetition. The book inspired by writer Tara Drouin's parents' home is a beautiful log cabin tucked away in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The catchy tune and bright Illustrations create a fun and engaging method to teach children about the importance of family and togetherness, life in the mountains, and being one with nature. The book transports one to a magical place where giant mountains teeming with dense trees are filled with brightly colored birds and animals, who take comfort in and around her parent's magical log cabin which is brimming with life and energy when the family comes together. Tara Drouin is a singer/songwriter, teacher, mom, and children's book author of One Heart. She is excited to be releasing her second children's book Red Rock Road. It is named after a song by the same name, which she released with her children's band The Gum Drops. The illustrations are created by Soumya Basnet, a talented UK based illustrator and designer, who has captured the beauty of the mountains perfectly. Her characters are adorable and are based on Tara's family. Together, they take the reader on a magical journey of what life is like on Red Rock Road. With the purchase of the book comes a free download of the song the book was inspired by!

One Heart - One Heart is all about diversity, and acceptance. It explores the reality of our differences. We all look differently on the outside, such as different hair color, skin color, and eye color. We even like different things. "If you look at who we truly are, at our core, we are all the same. We need to spread this message to children, and to the world. Our differences on the outside make us unique, but our hearts need to be unified because we are all one race, the human race," says Tara Drouin. One Heart was inspired by a song, and with each purchase of the book you get a free download of the song!

Starlight - Starlight is a lullaby written for children ages birth- age 8, and is the perfect book to read to your child at bedtime. It's a great book for children who have trouble falling asleep. Tara Drouin the author and songwriter behind the book was inspired to create this beautiful lullaby for all the children of the world. The illustrator Barbara Owczarek's illustrations are magical with fairies, moonbeams, and dream scapes. Children all over the world are going to sleep soundly after hearing this enchanting song, and reading this beautiful book. It will promote good dreams, and make bedtime an imaginative adventure. Every child needs a book like this, so be sure to download the song to sing along.