There's a Goose In My Bed - The Adventures of Artsy Goose

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Written and Illustrated by local Windham author, Ken Snyder

Thirty-three humorous parodies, expertly painted in watercolor, provide a refreshing review of Art History for all ages. Artsy Goose has the amazing ability to become integrated into some of the most famous paintings ever known! Often Artsy takes the place of someone or something in the painting. At other times, Artsy adds a new twist to the original. Accompanying light text on facing pages is generally readable for ages 10 and up. Readers are offered an irresistible invitation to dive in and explore these memorable masterpieces with Artsy Goose and encouraged to look up the original paintings. In this way, the book turns into a study guide, assisting readers in discovering more about art and famous artists. Honk!