An Englishman In Prattsville

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All our copies are signed by the author - Gary Macknight

“Murder comes to Prattsville in an unnatural way.”

Louis Kessler has a secret: he likes his whisky, maybe a little too much. But when a brutal murder occurs in a small upstate town on the night of a full moon, another secret from his past begins to rise.

All Louis wants is to be left alone, but the people of Prattsville are curious, especially gentle-natured Jenny who works at the liquor store. Officer Pete Hanlon is also curious and he is beginning to suspects Louis knows much more about the murder than he’s telling anyone.

Can Louis ever escape his past in England and live a quiet, peaceful life with a sweet girl like Jenny? Will curiosity reveal his darkest secrets? Will the killer mark Jenny as the next victim in a series of gruesome murders? And will Officer Hanlon get his answers before time runs out?

Night is falling, the full moon is rising…and the small town of Prattsville braces itself for another terrible murder.

"If you're a fan of the movie An American Werewolf in London, You'll love this book. It's a hometown horror thriller with just a touch of gore and romance."