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Black Seed and Laurel Berry

  • $9.00

Plato had an allegory about how a person’s observable experiences relate to their perceptions. The allegory focuses on a group of people chained to a blank cave wall. They faced the wall with only a flickering fire to create light and their observed shadow world. The prisoners were content for they knew no other world. When the prisoners were finally released they quickly found out that their reality was not at all what they thought it was. Books were small and thick, their captors were not ghostly monsters but looked just like them; there were colors and light! Their new perceptions were nearly incomprehensible, but once experienced they could never be forced back into the cave.

This is that allegory in soap form, it is beyond your current set of experiences. A soap like no other soap you’ve ever tried or even imagined. This is Plato’s soap - a soap that, once discovered, changes your perception of all other soaps.

It’s not vibrantly colored; it’s essence is cavelike: dark, herby, earthy - medicinal. With no apologies, this is a soap for your skin. Black Seed and Laurel Berry. You’re welcome.


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