Blonde Ambition

  • $7.00

This soap is neither a sarcastic nod to Jessica Simpson’s 2007 massive box office flop nor a late coattail run at Madonna’s ultra successful world tour of 1990 - though this soap will look Vogue in La Isla Bonita that is your shower.

This soap is Like a Prayer - softly spoken, peaceful and your Lucky Star. But I, like your Papa, Don’t Preach. Be your own judge; Open Your Heart and your bathroom door, and let this little Ray of Light in. It’s Crazy For You. 

Ok, I’ll stop. 

Made, in part, with Blonde Ambition Blonde Ale from Great South Bay Brewery, this soap aspires to leave you feeling as good on the outside as GSBB leaves you feeling on the inside. Beer soap means big  full lather and good clean fun without showing an ID. 

The scents description is best imagined. You’re in Pamplona Spain for the running of the bulls, but instead of bulls, they are polar bears (the cool and fun commercial type) and instead of running, they are mixing with the festive crowd, handing out ice cold cola. It’s eager anticipation but light and refreshing. A slightly sweet and syrupy mix of herby festivity with just a whisper of Spanish spices.

Great South Bay Brewery is in Bayshore, NY. They have many excellent beers available in their tasting room where they have events, lots of space, ping pong and many other things to do while you drink. Additionally, they will soon be opening their merchandise room where you’ll be able to find more W.T.S. beer soaps!




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