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I’ll Scratch Yours If You Scratch Calamine Lotion Bar

  • $8.00

”Happiness is having an itch for every scratch.”

Two birds, meet the one stone. This is a dual purpose lotion bar made to:

  • Relieve you from itch
  • Sooth, protect and moisturize your skin

Demonstrated itch relief for bug bites, diaper rash, dry skin, poison ivy, eczema and more. Seal and help heal your dry skin, cuts, scrapes and abrasions. Moisturize and maintain healthy skin. It slices, it dices...well, no, but it really is a very effective moisturizer and itch reliever.

Calamine powder (both minerals and clays) and a blend of well known skin soothing essential oils comprise the active ingredients to help ease your sore and itchy skin.

A perfect blend of lavender, tea tree and palmarosa essential oils give this lotion bar a relaxing, crisp, slightly herbal and slightly sweet scent. It's fresh, not overpowering and holds its smell well.

Our lotion bars are made from skin nourishing and protecting oils and butters. These ingredients include, but are not limited to, organic beeswax, unrefined organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, aloe butter and non-GMO coconut oil.

Usage Instructions: Solid lotion bars are easy to use, simply dial up the lotion like a lip balm tube, apply wherever needed - the lotion will melt on contact with your skin - and rub into your skin, as needed.

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