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Long before dating was mastered by thumbs

A young girl fell prey to an older man’s game

Naught imagined that a bear she’d become

Knocked up, cast down and under her own son’s aim


Mistaken identity; she was seduced

The “man’s” wife found out; it was a rager

Poor pregnant Callisto, she’d been Zeus’d

The mistake was huge, in fact, Ursa Major 


Zeus was a god and the planet Jupiter

But Hera, his wife, had powers of her own

Callisto, fooled as she was, couldn’t feel stupider

Until changed to a bear and to the heavens, thrown


There in the sky Callisto sits a wishing

She’d never fallen for the first scheme of catfishing


Callisto, once a young beautiful woman, then bear, then constellation and also the third moon of Jupiter, is now a sonnet and a soap. Smelling of gods, goddesses and star stuff, you’ll get a blended backbone of incenses with amber, church pews, mossy riparian forests and ancient scrolls.

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