Cubanilla, Bar.Soap. - What.The.Soap.


  • $7.00

You’re downtown, the street is crowded. Cars, some moving, some not, all are honking. Strangers mumble and nudge past. You’re just one of a thousand other people all with their own concerns and trying to get somewhere. Then, out of all the stimuli, you smell something that makes you stop and look around. It’s warm, earthy, sweet, comforting and, for some unexplainable reason, you have to find it. There, off to the side and seemingly without a care, stands a well groomed, salt and pepper bearded older man. He wears a slightly eccentric but stylish hat (they always do) and while overseeing the melee, puffs on his obsidian black pipe. You smell his confident peaceful calm transfer into each billow of pure white smoke and onto you. Suddenly, the streets are empty and you’re on your way to conquering the day. 

Don’t get us wrong here, we’re not advocating smoking, but as far as smells go, there are not many scents that surpass fine tobacco leaf. Cubanilla captures that quality aroma and deepens it with rich Moroccan vanilla. It may sound like a “manly” bar, but this smell is too good to be wasted on just one gender. 🤣

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