Dark Secrets, By Connie Spanhake

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LOCAL AUTHOR - By Connie Spanhake, Conesville NY

Darcy was surprised to discover that she had inherited her grandparents' cabin. She wasn't thrilled when she discovered that it was located in a small-town where she couldn't sneeze without everyone in town knowing about it, including Colin, the local sheriff. Arrogant and cocky, he had a knack for appearing when Darcy least expected it.

When Darcy arrives home to discover an axe embedded in her front door with a note demanding that she leave, she is forced to turn to Colin for help. She refuses to leave, especially after she discovers the letters her grandmother had hidden in the cabin. Between the townsfolk and the letters, Darcy begins to piece together secrets about her family.

As secrets unfold, Darcy's present collides with her past and her world goes spinning out of control. With time running out-and her daughter's life at stake-will Darcy leave the past alone?