Dolores, Bar.Soap. - What.The.Soap.


  • $7.00


A Cranberry From Limerick

There once was a lass who wrote Linger

Who had us wrapped around her finger

What would your prom be

Without the song Zombie

Happier? She was quite a dark singer

This soap is a tribute to the late Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries. She was late to blossom, early to fall and a bit of a strange fruit, but in her short time had a huge impact.

In her nature, this bar is drab and dark on the outside, but hard working, nurturing and full of greater good on the inside. The top is sprinkled with cranberry seeds for brilliance and to let you know they’re there. Fittingly, the bar has the mostly sweet and slightly tart smell of cranberries, of course.


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