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Dope Cantaloupe

  • $7.00

For most, cantaloupe evoke images of summertime backyard parties. Bowls and platters filled with various bright colored berries, melons and citrus, set next to mounds of mayo based salads. Yes, cantaloupe find their way onto your plate, but not exactly by choice. It would be rude to pick them off the spoon. Don’t get me wrong, Cantaloupe are delicious, but let’s be real, they’re the mixed nut filbert of fruit. (We will avoid discussing their therapy ridden cousin, the honeydew.)

That said, we think cantaloupe get a bad rap, so we present Dope Cantaloupe. Not just a witty rhyming companion word, “dope”, like the cantaloupe, is complex and flavorful. Depending on your upbringing and generation, dope can mean blue collar sealant/lubricant (pipe dope), illicit drugs (Dopey from Snow White - always stoned), performance enhancers (not the blue little pills, think Lance Armstrong) or even an exclamation of excellence (that’s dope, G).

When it comes to this soap, we want all the connotations. Dope Cantaloupe will lubricate and seal your skin, make you crave another shower, clear your mind, fortify your body and lift your soul, and is an all around excellent bar of soap. Beyond all that, it smells like juicy-fresh-ripened melon.

No, this soap isn’t just for our target market of Comparative Linguists, it’s for you and this time it’s your choice - it’s not just cantaloupe, it’s Dope Cantaloupe.

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