Dried Wild Porcini Mushrooms

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Porcini mushrooms are prized in Italian and French cuisine because they add an unmistakable meaty richness, earthy aroma, and big umami flavor to every dish. In many culinary circles, Porcini mushrooms are considered the 'king of mushrooms,' thanks to their bold flavor, tender yet firm texture, and surprising versatility. Porcini grow in the moist forest understory and are picked between August and October. And, while they are best known for flavoring risottos, pastas, broths, and stews, the possibilities are endless. To reconstitute, rinse with water to clean. Soak in lukewarm water for 2-3 hours (as it extracts less of the flavor than hot water, leaving more of their mushroomy goodness). Retain the soaking liquid for use in recipes that call for a kick of bold flavor. Just be aware that a little goes a very long way! North Spore dried wild mushrooms are wildcrafted and foraged from North American forests. Bags are 28 grams.