Fertile Minds Ceramic Planter

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Add a little thrill to your windowsill with Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild ceramic planter pots.

  • Fertile Minds ceramic planter pots hold a mini flowerpot - or drop in some pebbles, add potting soil, and sprinkle seeds - or fill with sand and arrange tiny air plants - or surround your succulents with a bed of moss.
  • Go on, make the world more cultivated.
  • Approximately 3" deep. Holds a flower pot 2" in diameter.

Albert Einstein - the later-life vegetarian, is now a smart ceramic decor accent. It's the perfect place to plant a lovely little Mammillaria elongata 'Cristata'-you know, a brain cactus.

Vincent Van Gogh - It's true: "great things are not done just by impulse, but are a series of small things put together." This Vincent van Gogh ceramic planter pot will add an artistic touch to your workspace or your home-perhaps in The Bedroom.