Forager's Dream

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This soap is based on a true story. Names and places may have changed to protect the innocent and the berry patch.

There are a few times in a persons life when things are so good you have to ask yourself, is this real or is this a dream? There's a place not far from "here" where the blackberry bushes are THICK. It shouldn't surprise you that we here at W.T.S. also forage and make our own jellies and jams (shameless plug #1: W.T.J. or What.The.Jam.). It also shouldn't surprise you that when "we" spotted this block long wall of blackberry bushes along a very well traveled highway, that this was one of those "is this a dream" moments for "us". Long story short, "we" picked 100 lbs of blackberries over a couple weeks and were police escorted away as the last ripened berry was plucked. Yeah, "we're" going back. (Shameless plug #2: Crackberry Jam, pictured, is made with those berries).


This soap has the deep, sweet and slightly intoxicating smell of blackberries. It is what we dream about during the offseason. Made with 120% coconut oil, it easily cleans our blackberry stained hands while leaving our thorn pricked body soothed and moisturized. It truly is a Forager's Dream.

Personality Profile
- Big, bold and fruity
- Great cleanser
- Exceptional moisturizer
- Smells of blackberries




Ingredients: Coconut oil, Fragrance, Mica

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