Geological Time Puzzle

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From the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild in Brooklyn, NY!
  • Ah, nostalgia. Since the beginning of time, there's always been a hankering for "the good old days." Trilobites were soooooo popular. Remember when fossils became a thing? Pangaea... now, there was a supercontinent.
  • If you're too young to recall J. rhenaniae of the Devonian era (8-foot ocean scorpions, remember?), UPG's beautiful Geological Time jigsaw puzzle has a timeline with layers of fossils and facts to help you put it all together. Relive the world's halcyon days when whales walked on land - then headed back home to the ocean. (Ugh. They still haven't heard the end of it.)
  • 11 3/4" x 35 3/8" (30 cm x 90 cm) Our colorful, cultural jigsaw puzzles are 1,000-piece wonders that deserve to be center stage.
  • Minimal puzzle dust. Reduced glare matte finish. Each has its own mini poster with puzzle art inside.