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Goat Milk Castile

  • $7.00

If you've been following you'll know that we've determined that the ancient wisdom about goat milk was not wrong. In terms of nutritional value, vitamins and benefits, it's the best milk available...and that transfers to skin care. Natural goat milk soaps are unparalleled when it comes to healthy skin. This soap maintains all its beneficial qualities because it's made with unpasteurized raw goat milk and is added after the saponification reaction. Additionally, milk soap in general produces huge creamy lather and hydrates the skin.

This soap is simple, unscented and all natural. Made with 100% pure olive oil and raw goat milk, it is great for all skin types and many maladies, is a mild cleanser and is super moisturizing.



ingredients: Olive Oil, Raw Goat Milk, Sodium Hydroxide