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Grape Jolly Sugar Scrub

  • $8.00

Think of your favorite childhood hard happy farm hand candy (rhymes with Folly Blancher) and that is this sugar scrub. You may be thinking “oh”, but you should be thinking “OH! Hell yeah!”, because that is the honest to nature response that we’ve gotten from people who have tried it. Let you memories run away as your dry winter worn skin sloughs away and returns to it’s nubile form of yesteryear.

What.The.Soap. handcrafted sugar scrubs are a naturally derived blend of pure sugar, skin nourishing oils and uplifting fragrance or essential oils. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, this scrub melts into skin for gentle, yet effective exfoliation. Removes dirt, oil and impurities while smoothing, hydrating, brightening and soothing your skin. After just a few applications your skin will feel baby-soft, smooth and comforted.

Mess free and easy to use, simply rub the scrub into your skin while in the shower or bath and rinse off. After using our sugar scrubs, you shouldn’t have a need for additional after shower lotions or moisturizers. Try one for a week, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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