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Grapefruit & Co.

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Grapefruit & Co.

As fruit go, citrus fruit are a pretty tight crew. They have a lot of differences, but in citrus circles, differences are welcomed and embraced.

What you may not know is that it wasn’t always this way! Prior to the 1800’s, citrus fruit just wouldn’t hang together. Some say that it was due to The Great Squeeze of Tropicana, circa 1510, but that history is pulpy at best and not very concentrated. Then, early in the 19th century a newcomer came to the orchards named Shaddock.

Shaddock was a big round fruit, pink and not very memorable. Citrus can be highly judge mental, so to make things worse, Shaddock was a bastard hybrid between a real sweet orange and a bad boy pomelo. It was pretty rough at first and Shaddock was starting to sour.

Luckily, he had a thick skin, because in 1817 Shaddock used his big personality and cross-pollinated genetics to negotiate a deal between the fractured citrus and striking pollinators. After the deal, all fruit rejuiced and the High Council of Raisins gave Shaddock the honor of entry into The Cluster of the Grapes. From that day forward Shaddock was known as the Great Grape Fruit and now you know how the grapefruit got its name.

Grapefruit & Co. represents the fruit of Shaddock’s labor by uniting all citrus under the leadership of grapefruit.

Grapefruit forward with hints of lemon, orange, pomelo, lime and kumquat. (Sorry, Ugli fruit are still ostracized.) A great smell, a great story, a great fruit and a great soap. 

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