Greyed Rainbow

  • $7.00

Splashes of black, white and grey belie the true nature of this bar. Like the sun bursting through stormy skies, this master piece of soap explodes with brightness and a hidden rainbow of color. The smell of fresh rain, cucumber and mint will capture your imagination as activated charcoal, kaolin and bentonite clay soften, brighten and purify your skin. This soap will refresh and energize even the greatest morning recluse. 

This is a limited edition bar from our Picassoap Series, a series where we give homage to master artists who often exhibited their freak flag alongside their art. Greyed Rainbow, by Jackson Pollock, is soap #3 of 5 in series one - Mansplainting.

In Jackson Pollock’s Greyed Rainbow, the viewer is swept into the illusion of a dizzying space in which splashes of black and white coil and intertwine, retract and expand. The canvas teems with bold, black arabesques, but upon closer inspection, delicate colors emerge from this turmoil, much as a rainbow peeks through storm clouds. 

Using his self developed “drip” style of painting, Pollock completed Greyed Rainbow in 1953, toward the end of his career. Though only 44 when he died, Pollock was fully immersed in alcoholism the last two years of his life and had stopped painting. A pure artist, Pollock despised self promotion and, with popularity, became reclusive; often isolating himself in his garage for days to paint and drink. He died in 1956 after crashing his car into a tree while under the influence of alcohol. 

Did you know? Much of nature develops in fractals, featuring patterns that repeat at increasingly fine magnifications. Fractal analysis of many of Pollocks paintings show an almost exact match to nature’s, which may explain why we’re so drawn to his artwork. 

Perform fractal analysis on your own Jackson Pollock inspired soap by ordering it here. 

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