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Handmade Soap Savers

  • $5.00

Call them what you want these natural fiber washcloth pockets are great to use with homemade soaps.

Made by a local Long Island artisan*, you won’t find a softer or better made soap sock. Use these scrubbing satchels to hold full bars or to contain all your soap slivers and maximize your soap’s longevity.

W.T.S.’ naturally occurring and skin benefitting high glycerin content can lead to a slippery bar, but no more soap drops when your bar is in one of these handcrafted bubble bags.

Ingenious adjustable neck with slip through hanger allows you to hang your powerscrub pouch to dry after use. Machine wash friendly, you’ll probably want two so you never have to bathe without your pocket partner.

We have assorted colors on hand, so if it matters, please make note of your color preferences at time of order.

*Made by Teresa’s Originals - Message us for more information.

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