Hecate Hand Blended Ritual Tea | Organic Tea | Goddess of the Crossroads | Dark Moon Tea | Witch Protection | Hedge Witch | Hibiscus Tea

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Hecate - goddess of the crossroads & the dark moon....of the underworld, and of magic...goddess of the night. Hecate is the protector of witches, helping us when paths converge or intersect. She's associated with crossroads, doors, thresholds and hedges. A lovely blend of sweet, dark berries and mildly tart hibiscus petals, rounded off with rose petals. You can steep it in hot water, or make a sun tea. It can also be placed as an offering on your altar. All of our teas are hand blended by our in-house herbalist. Our teas are created with organic herbs when possible. Some of our herbs are hand-harvested and respectfully gathered from the land by us, through ethical & sustainable wildcrafting, or grow on our property.