Intro to Fermentation Class

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In this class, we will teach you everything necessary to start brine fermenting foods in your own home, including WHY its a useful and unique skill to have, the many HEALTH BENEFITS of adding fermented food to your diet, the difference between Pickling vs Fermenting, and  more! 

We'll do a taste test of picked vs fermented, and a demonstration on how to make small batch brine ferments on your own! 

You will leave this class with:

 - a quart jar, a fermenting weight, a fermenting pipe so you are all set to start when you get home

 - a printout of recipes to try

 - an opportunity after the class to get 10% off on any fermenting books or gear in the store! 

Classes are capped at 10 people per session.  More sessions will be added if the demand exceeds the seats.  Contact us if you would like to arrange a private tutorial for you or your own group! 

Classes that do not fill up 50% will be cancelled and refunded in full.