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Laura’s Raw Honey produces unprocessed, unfiltered, unheated honey, providing her quality honey to the upstate New York area since 2015. Her products are sourced from her 1000+ beehives, where her bees are nurtured and cultivated to provide the finest honey.

You truly don’t know how wonderful honey can taste until you taste your favorite flower honey in it’s raw, unprocessed form!

Wildflower - Wildflower honey is made at different times of the year depending on what goes into bloom, usually made in the fall from goldenrod, aster, and purple loose-strife flowers. This is a stronger tasting honey and more floral in flavor.

Buckwheat - Buckwheat honey is a very sweet, robust honey with molasses and malty tones and a lingering aftertaste. Darker honey tends to be higher in antioxidant compounds and mineral content on average than lighter ones. 

Raspberry - Raspberry blossom honey is light amber in color with a mellow smooth flavor, bold sweetness, and subtle raspberry finish. It has that unique floral tone that immediately announces it is gathered from the raspberry flower with hints of fruitiness embedded in the aroma.

Clover - A sweet, flowery flavor with a mild taste that appeals to all honey lovers. Clover honey is honey that has been harvested from bees that have gathered nectar from a majority of clover. Clover honey varies in color from very white to extra light amber and has a mild, delicate flavor.

Tupelo - Pear-like and hoppy aroma with a mild, delicate flavor with buttery and floral notes. Good Tupelo, unmixed with other honey, will not granulate, and due to this high fructose low glucose ratio some diabetic patients have been permitted by their physicians to eat Tupelo honey. A very rare honey, read more about it here: NY Times Tupelo

Clover Whipped - Honey spread is a unique product in the honey industry. It’s made by slowly aerating raw honey over multiple days until the honey forms into a buttery, creamy texture. The aeration process softens the initial taste of intense sweetness most honey has, creating instead a subtle honey flavor that lingers and melts in your mouth.