Lavender Mint

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The next time you're walking by a garden with lavender growing, pick a bit and go find their mint patch, I guarantee they have one. Now, pick a bit less of the mint than you have lavender, throw it all down in their well manicured lawn, kneel down and roll in it. Lay there for a few minutes as the wonderful scents waft and clouds drift by. See the cloud shaped like a turtle? Keep looking, it's there, it's always there.

Ok, you'd better get up and run, the neighbors called the cops when the rolling started. But before you bolt, grab some more lavender and mint for the road, you're going to want to do this again when you get home.

This soap is scented with mind clearing, body relaxing and sense refreshing lavender and mint.  Nicely cleansing and incredibly moisturizing, this is a soap you'll want to have around when the garden cameras go up.