Lilac, Bar.Soap. - What.The.Soap.


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Springtime is the season of the senses. Mornings come earlier with the roar of busy garbage trucks and sexy bird chatter right outside your bedroom window. The smell of new growth and the thaw of your neighbor’s backyard, i.e., their dog’s winter bathroom. Kids are outside again, screaming, running through your yard and peddling their [insert spring activity of choice] team fundraisers. The taste of undressed salads as you try to drop the 15 lbs of winter “insulation” before swimsuit season.

Joking aside, I love spring and all that it brings, renewed life, colors, warmth, happy sounds and all the amazing smells; especially the smell of blooming lilacs.

With this lilac scented soap you can start each day like spring: renewed, fresh, clean and ready for all that the day may bring.

What.The.Soap. are you using?


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Rice Brand Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide,  Fragrance, Mica

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