Lip Balms!

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Our homemade lip balms are made with our own blend of six different lip loving waxes, oils and butters to soothe, moisturize and protect your lips. They are scented and flavored with safe, deliciously edible oils.


Kids My Apples - Green Apple Flavored

As there are ass kissers and those who stand up and say "kiss my ass", there are reactionary chap sticks and proactive lip balms. If you are latter type of person, we have your lip balm. Take charge and Kiss My Apples.


SubLIME - Key Lime Flavored

Lip service sucks unless it's your lips getting the servicing with this key lime scented and flavored lip balm.


Vanilla Pepperlips - Vanilla and Peppermint Flavored

This lip balm uses tingling peppermint and sweet vanilla to refresh your kisser and your kisses.


Runaway Cherry - Cherry Flavored

Hello, daddy. Hello, mom.

I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

Hello world! I'm your wild girl.

I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

-The Runaways

Run toward this lip balm. 


Oh My Darling... - Clementine Flavored

Sorry for the ear worm, not sorry for this light, sweet, moisturizing, Clementine flavored lip balm.


Barrel Me Over - Root-beer Flavored

..or put me over a barrel, just make it a root beer flavored barrel because it’s delicious, as is this lip balm.


On The Lips - Bourbon and Cherry

What’s sexier than the faint taste of bourbon on the lips? This cherry-bourbon lip balm, of course.


Pina Colada - Pina Colada Flavored

Vacation mode on. Pina colada flavored lip balm will  put you on the beach sipping your favorite tropical beverage.


Coconut Strut - Coconut Flavored

Look good, feel good, there’s nothing that you can’t handle, just like this lip balm. Life’s a beach, put it on your lips. 


Honey Peach - Honey and Peach Flavored

Delicate, sweet and fruity tasting but seriously protective and moisturizing. 


Espresso Yourself - Coffee Flavored

Big, bold and confident. When you speak, people listen or they at least look at your lips. Be you, be prepared. It starts with your lips and coffee never hurts. 


TroLIPcal - Tropical Flavored

A tropical vacation for your lips.