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Little Devil

  • $7.00

It's quiet. Something is wrong. You look in their room, but it's empty. You call out but no one answers. Panic sets in. Your heart quickens and your feet match the pace. You turn the corner and see the door cracked open. You almost don't want to look, but it's your duty (and your doodie). Pushing the door you wonder aloud: Why oh why did I leave the bathroom door open!? You step in. Your feet are immediately wet and there the little devil is, elbow deep and grinning into the toilet...

You can Lysol bomb the bathroom and take fire to the clothes, but your little devil hasn't grown scales yet and has very needy skin.

Good for the whole family but made with the little ones in mind, Little Devil soap was formulated with ALL NATURAL, super nourishing, moisturizing and skin protective ingredients like olive oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. A firm bar, this soap will last at least twice as long as liquid baby soaps if kept dry between uses.

Though we can't do anything to help with the havoc they create, this soap will help keep your little devil's skin clean, moisturized and well protected.

What.The.Soap. are you using?

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