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Love - you know it when it hits you, because it hits like a truck. At first you grab onto anything you can and try to not be thrown off - it’s obsessive, exciting and a little scary. Eventually, the hills and valleys become less, the road straightens a bit and you wonder why you’re still riding in the back. It’s time to make a decision. Throw yourself clear into a momentarily painful but independent tumble or climb into the cab and enjoy the loving journey of shared control.

Not sure if it’s love? Here’s a little free advice from W.T.S. Pick a spot that’s a 20 hour drive away (NY to MN, maybe) and drive there and back in a weekend. If you’re both still alive and arrive back in the same vehicle, you’ve got a good friend. If you make it back and still have the same feelings as when you left, you’re a pretty good match (but maybe get a prenup). If you fall even deeper in love and admiration, just elope and move forward with your dreams (that’s what we did).

This soap is our take on true love. A beautiful swirling bar of colors whose flirty scent will provoke flutters and warm fuzzies. It may cause some obsessiveness and jealousy in others, but its wholesome true clean will leave you fresh and smiling. The scent is lush but crisp with notes of oriental Lily, cherry blossom, citrus, peach and jasmine. If you like Victoria’s Secret, Lovespell, you’ll like LovesTruck.

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