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Matcha Do

  • $7.00

“Out, damned spot.”

“Much ado about nothing”? Don’t questioneth, this soap is Matcha Do about valorous scent’d cleansing.

Though it’s likely Shakespeare did enjoy a prop'r cuppa tea, th're’s nay doubteth yond that gent bethought a lot about being crisp.

The most wondrous moisturizing soap, this bar hast the grassy, smooth and creamy od’r of fine matcha tea, with did touch of honey, neem powder and green clay.

‘Tis not a matt'r of at which hour if 't be true but, to be clean, or not to be clean: that is the question.

Anon wend and “cleanse the foul body of th’ infected world.”

What the soap art thee using?

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