Mindful Minute

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These Mindful Minute cards were created by me based on lessons that I practice with my students. They can be used at anytime, anywhere, by anyone. This collection of cards include mindful activities for breathing, practicing gratitude, becoming more presently aware, and expressing loving kindness to yourself and others. Living mindfully is a practice and with Mindful Minute cards, the approach is simple - one minute is all it takes! Use them as often as you like throughout the day. You will find over time that you will begin to live more mindfully, practicing these activities on your own and usually for even longer than just one minute, because they’re fun and they increase feelings of happiness and peace.

Mindful Minute cards are a wonderful tool to help you on your journey to living a more mindfully nice life. Included in this deck are 29 mindful minute exercises, & 2 informational mindfulness cards for a total of 31 cards. These cards are a Mindfulnice best selling product!

Made in United States of America