Mixed Gemstone Stone Keychain - Amethyst Citrine Quartz

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Our Mixed Gemstone Keychain has an ultimate combination of crystals; Amethyst, Citrine and Clear Quartz. Amethyst, a powerful and protective crystal, is regarded as a natural tranquilizer as it relieves stress, alleviates sadness, and dispels negativity. Citrine, the “Success Stone” brings wealth, prosperity, and success attracts happiness and good fortune. Clear Quartz cleanses, activates, and aligns all chakras for spiritual growth, dispels negative vibrations, and strengthens the aura with its power, and attracts unconditional love. Our beautiful Mixed Gemstone Key Chain allows to easily carry these amazing crystal all around, either in pocket/bag or by clipping it to jeans or bag. A practical gift for family and friends. Buy this key chain, sourced from Brazil, to offer an amazing crystal shopping experience to your customers as it provides combined benefits of the healing powers of three sought after crystals. Sold: Per Piece Origin: Brazil