Native Americans and Their Land: The Schoharie River Valley

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By - Mary Druke Becker.

There is a surprising amount of data available about Native Americans in the Schoharie River Valley, and this volume is a useful tool for further research into this wealth of historical records. The author provides detailed descriptions of source materials for study of the Schoharie River Valley region and the processes of cross-cultural interaction that are exemplified there. The data are rich in material about the processes of Euro-American settlement and the alienation of Native American land, and provide the potential for detailed study of individual Native Americans and Euro-Americans involved in those processes. The first portion of this work examines native occupation of the Schoharie River Valley. The second portion consists of a Calendar of Documents. Entries within the Calendar of Documents include the date of the document (if known), a description of the document, its source, and comments about the document. A full name and subject index adds to the value of this work which is based on research conducted for the Iroquois Indian Museum. 2006, 8½x11, paper, 230 pp. 101-B3596 ISBN: 0788435965