Oliver-If There Was A Hell-Stone

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If Oliver Stone made soap, this is what he would make. Experimental, constantly pushing boundaries, controversial and bold, this is Oliver Stone in bar form. Like Oliver Stone, some will love this soap and some will not, but everyone will agree that it's certainly not boring.

This bar is scented with Hellstone, Tuscan Cedarwood and Peppermint fragrances. Think of the first fresh wind pouring through the gates of hell after freeze over: refreshing, bright, chilly, spicy and invigorating.

We obviously had to make Hellstone with bentonite clay and activated charcoal to take away your impurities. Amongst many other skin beneficial oils, Hellstone is also made with mango butter because mangoes are surprisingly cheap in hell, and when you're buying and selling souls, good deals are important.

Personality Profile

-Hot and cold

-Good cleanser

-Good moisturizer

-NOT scented with brimstone

-Gentle exfoliator



"You handed me a sample at the  Fair last week and instead of "You had me at hello", "You had me at Stone...Oliver Stone that is". I bought a bar and a few others that day. Now I've never smelled better. Well... it's not like I smelled bad in the first place but I do smell mighty fine with this Oliver Stone soap. Keep kicking ass with these soaps! "

- Kevin, The Best Smelling Man Alive, Long Island, NY