PiBB, Bar.Soap. - What.The.Soap.


  • $7.00

Do you know what’s missing from your life? 


It’s Planters Cheeze Balls, Dunk-a-roos, Butterfinger BBs and Whistle Pops, among other discontinued favorites. 


Do you remember when Trix cereal was made in fruit shapes? Probably not unless you’ve eaten their “new and improved” generic orb replacement that tastes like expired arsenic.


Has a mystery smell wafted by that elicited such a flash back that you salivated like Pavlov’s dog in a Red Kettle ringer training convention. As the smell fades and saliva dries to your chin, you’re left wondering “Huh, whatever happened to that?”

That’s how we felt one night while mixing scents and spilt our way into this one. One smell was “AHA, what is that?” A second whiff left us parched and wondering whatever happened to PiBB. 

The scent is simple but getting there was complex. Imagine a perfect blend of cherry, licorice, amaretto, almond, vanilla, blackberry, caramel, pepper, molasses and juniper. You can feel the effervescence as it’s luxurious lather washes you clean. 

So, though we’ll leave Jell-O Pudding Pops in the “freezer”, we’re proud to bring PiBB back to you for at least some of your senses to enjoy. Be sensible, Rise Up With PiBB. 

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