Pine Tar Shampoo

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Odds are that somewhere deep down in your brain folds, you know of pine tar soap. So deep, it’s now covered in stratified layers of unused trigonometry, Seinfeld and Candy Crush. Its a whispy recollection at best. However, a whiff of pine tar would blow the Grey’s Anatomy dust off in a rush of recollections. Ice cream socials, family reunions and summers playing checkers with Grandpa. The reason is, pine tar has been used for centuries - millennia, really - for various topical ailments and relief. Yes, it too was used for ship making and to seal roofs, but it also makes one helluva good shampoo.  

We’ve had a pine tar bar soap for some time and though it’s not a relatively popular bar, those that have found it, buy it in literal armloads. Reinforcing what we already knew, we’ve been told it’s a great soap and really amazing on hair and head! The one suggestion we’ve heard is that they wish it also came as a shampoo. 

Well, here you are, Pine Tar Shampoo! 

In addition to a natural blend of various cleansing, hydrating and vitamin rich oils, each 8 oz bottle contains 15% (compared to 5% or less) pure creosote free Stockholm pine tar. Good on all hair and skin types, treated hair and conditions, this shampoo will leave your hair soft, shiny and full. pH balanced so as not to strip your hair or alter your natural chemistry, it also promotes a healthy scalp.

Our blend of essential oils wrap around the pine tar, creating the pleasant fragrance of clean minty herb and fresh fir.