Recharge Scented Candle

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Mood: Dynamic and bright A citrusy yet grounding scent that will energize you and add some inspiration to your day. Recharge is a multifaceted citrus scent, with notes of blood orange, kumquats, berries; mingling with a touch of vanilla. -12 oz., wooden tube wick - Soy coconut wax blend -Approx. 80+ hour burn time. Each vessel is handcrafted from small-batch castings using cement and custom blended pigments. Cement is a natural material; therefore, each vessel will have its unique character, and slight natural variations (markings, air bubbles, color) may vary. Scented Candle | Soy Candle | Coconut Wax Candle | Blood Orange Candle Candle | Self Care Candle | Cement Candle | Concrete Candle