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Flavorful and unique coffee.  Roasted in NY.  Woman-owned and operated.   Small batch, weekly roasts.  


Tasting Notes

Organic Peruvian - Our Peruvian is made from the highest quality coffee beans with a nutty character and aroma with subtle hints of chocolate and a smooth finish.

Brazillian Santos - Our Brazilian Santos has a light to medium body, yields a low acidity, and has a very pleasant aroma. The Bourbon coffee plant varietal (Coffea arabica var. bourbon) tends to produce coffees that are fruiter and brighter (more acidic) than other Brazil coffees.

Organic Guatamalan - With a taste that is subtle and mild yet still complex and interesting, Guatemalan Huehuetenango has distinctive and delicate fruity tastes, a fairly light body that can sometimes be slightly buttery, a sweet floral aroma, and a clean aftertaste that lingers pleasantly on the palate.

Costa Rican Tarrazu - The Tarrazu region is located in the interior mountains of Costa Rica and is known to produce distinguished coffee. Tarrazu is a market name for coffees produced and processed within the region. Coffee from this area is known to be relatively heavy-bodied with a complex aroma.

Reverie Dark Roast Blend - Our dark roast blend is 5 single origin beans roasted on the dark side!  This blend is as DARK AS IT GETS for us. Makes a bold, stong cup!

Organic Sumatra - Our Sumatra Blue Coffee owes its name to the unusual blue hue of its raw beans. The beans we offer are from the northern Lake Toba region in Indonesia and are noted for their smooth texture, rich flavor, softness and mild acidity. The strength and endurance of its flavor make it perfect for milky coffee drinks.

Salted Caramel - Sweet caramel, with a hint of salt. 

Maple Bacon - Sweet maple flavor from local Soukup Farms with a smoky finish!

All you Need Is Love - Coconut & chocolate with a touch of cinnamon...MMMM...