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West Hurley, NY!

Ric Orlando's BEST are truly the best seasonings and sauces you can find. Unique HOT SAUCES, Locally sourced BBQ sauces and Flavor Maker Spice Rubs designed by award winning chef Ric Orlando. Ric Orlando has been called the Pioneer of Hudson Valley Farm to Table. He is a a master of Global Flavors and for 30 years has celebrated the cultures and flavors of the world in every one of his products. All products are design by chef Ric and are produced and packed in upstate, NY. Two Time Chopped Champion and Bobby Flay beater Ric Orlando now gives you the tools to make iconic dishes like Blackened String Beans, Jerk Chicken, Purple HAZE Shrimp, and Moroccan Tacos.

  • Dirty Blonde Hot Sauce - Dirty Blonde Hot, Sweet and Sticky Sauce is a Ric Orlando original. Recently endorsed by Puckerbutt founder Smokin Ed Currie on his Youtube Channel! Rated Top 10 Sauce of 2021 by Hot Sauce Guide! We start with honey, then build brightness with pineapple, orange and grapefruit juices, work in the red habanero, cider vinegar, onions, black pepper, turmeric and other spices. The result is an addictive sauce with multiple uses. Yes you can DRIZZLE it as you would any other hot sauce but you can also use it to BASTE shrimp. pork, chicken or tofu on the grill, TOSS wings or cauliflower wings in Dirty Blonde, or treat it as an ADULT VERSION of sweet chili sauce. Try it on FRIED CHICKEN, CHICKEN AND WAFFLES or Pierogi! Any way you shake DIRTY BLONDE, she is the BOSS. Ric-ter scale *8
  • Purple Haze Psychedelic Hot Sauce - Purple Haze Psychedelic Hot Sauce is a totally original sauce. In the early days of New World Home Cooking in Woodstock I created a hot fiery dish called Purple Haze Shrimp that my customers raved that it got them Trippin'. Packed with just enough Habanero to get you hallucinating, layered with pineapple, herbs, ginger and cider vinegar, it is a TOTALLY UNIQUE HOT SAUCE. RATED #1 SAUCE OF THE YEAR on Tik Tok! The color comes from red cabbage which actually makes the habanero easier to digest. Use it as a condiment and also as a component in your cooking. RIc-ter Scale 8.5. GLUTEN FREE/ VEGAN INGREDIENTS PINEAPPLE JUICE, RED ABBAGE, CIDER VINEGAR, BROWN SUGAR, ONION, LEMON JUICE, HABANERO PEPPER, SPICES, GINGER
    Made in United States of America