Set For Summer!

  • $16.00

Summer is nearly upon us (we promise), but so are the mosquitos, flies and other nasties.

In order for you to be ready to enjoy every last bit of summer, we’re getting ready to make lots of our highly acclaimed bug repelling (Quit Buggin’ Me) Lotion Bar and our super effective itch relieving (I’ll Scratch Yours If You Scratch CalaMine) Lotion Bar.

We’ve received hundreds of rave reviews on these lotion bars and, as always, we stand firm with our reputation and satisfaction guarantee. This year everything is the same except for the improved packaging. The twist up tube makes the lotion bar super EASY to apply and store, and the screw top lid means you can toss it in your bag, purse, boat or car without concern.

Our lotion bars are completely natural, hypoallergenic and safe for all ages. Each essential oil and ingredient was purposely selected for maximum benefit and effectiveness. These ingredients include, but are not limited to, ORGANIC beeswax, unrefined organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic aloe butter and non-GMO coconut oil.

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